Patient reminders on the go.

Safe & Secure

Shift Alerts is a secure application which requires a unique 4 digit passcode to unlock the app. We use industry standard encryption methods to keep patient data safe. 

Start & End Shifts

Start Shift mode = users receive alerts throughout shift. End Shift mode = alerts are silenced and prevented from being deployed.

Intervention Sorting

Interventions can be sorted by the time, the patient’s name, intervention type, or priority level.

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Workflow Management

Enables caregivers to manage tasks from the moment they arrive, up to the minute the shift ends. Streamlining workflow results in less stress for caregivers and higher quality of care for patients.

Alert Summary

Users can tap on the alert and immediately see the alert summary: start and end times, start and end dates, patient name, notes, and priority level.

Single + Repeating Alerts

Users can schedule alerts to deploy just once, or on repeat.

People Behind Shift Alerts

Our goal is to create the best tools for caregivers so they can be more efficient and less stressed in their jobs. While they’re busy caring for us, we care about improving their workflow, easing their daily pain points, and creating a win/win situation for the patient and care provider. The Shift Alerts team has extensive clinical and business experience in the field of healthcare IT.

Victoria Rochford, RPN
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Victoria Rochford, RPN

Co-Founder/ Chief Clinical Officer

Victoria is a Co-Founder of Shift Alerts and serves as the Chief Clinical Officer. She’s also a practicing Registered Practical Nurse. At Shift Alerts, Victoria lends her extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field to help drive community outreach and product research efforts.

Lidia Sienkowska
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Lidia Sienkowska


Lidia is a Co-Founder and CEO at Shift Alerts, as well as a co-founder of mHealth Standard, the developer behind numerous innovative mhealth projects including Shift Alerts. Lidia is passionate about creating better tools for patients and healthcare workers. She’s been in the healthcare startup space for 5 years.

Tomasz Szymala
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Tomasz Szymala

Lead Developer

Tom is the Lead Developer at Shift Alerts. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a Computer Science degree and enjoys solving complex problems in healthcare IT. Tom has 10+ years of software development experience. When not coding, Tom likes to climb cliffs, rocks, and mountains.

  • Shift Alerts provides value to both caregivers and healthcare facility administrators, translating to higher productivity and savings for the institution.

  • The app really helps resolve some of the issues I have when I get busy and have to prioritize.